Remember #TheDress, #BlueAndBlack, #WhiteAndGold? Why do people see it in different ways? 

I made this video to discuss the dress illusion which despite the kerfuffle in early 2015 and even an academic paper, nobody had properly explained. 


This series of videos explains how to analyse data from an FMRI study of object recognition. It was designed for students on the MSc Functional Neuroimaging programme at Brunel University. These videos are all up on YouTube and are applicable for the analysis of most block/epoch studies using SPM12.

They consist of screencasts with a voiceover although there was a lot of editing involved and for that professional touch I did a bit of zooming in and out ("Ken Burns" in the lingo). Just use the button below for the whole playlist in order on YouTube or select individual videos from the thumbnails.

Download the NIFTI images that accompany this playlist: [500MB] (consult the README.txt file in the zip archive for details of the condition onset times which are different to those shown in the video)